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Workshops – Public

How to Lead for Even Better Safety – 23 Sep 2014

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 10 Pillars for an Excellent Safety Performance – 24 Sep 2014

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Making Inductions, Safety Observation Systems and Safety Culture Checks More Effective – 25 Sep 2014

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How to Facilitate your own Behavioural Safety Workshops  – 30 Sep 2014

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Gain advanced practical knowledge and skills – enhance your value and your safety input. Here’s what you’ll gain:-

  • Insights at the forefront or behavioural safety – learn how to apply them.
  • Step-by-step (from someone with a wealth of practical experience) on how to deliver your own workshops – including how to avoid a whole bunch of mistakes.
  • Plenty of discussion with colleagues from other organisations – make contacts and share views.
  • Satisfaction of knowing you can contribute even more to your organisation’s safety efforts.

I1: How To Facilitate your own Behavioural Safety Workshops

Gain a thorough understanding of the behavioural approach and learn exactly, step-by-step, how to conduct these powerful yet enjoyable, 3-hour workshops. (One day). READ MORE

I2: How To Facilitate Your Own Risk Tolerance Workshop

Become skilled at this simple yet powerful behavioural technique for getting people to really “see” the risks they are taking. Learn how to use 15 simple scenarios to help participants towards reducing their risk tolerance. (One day)Read More

I3: How To Facilitate Your Own Safety Culture Improvement Workshop

Find out how to test quickly and without doubt, the state of the safety culture in your team, department, installation or site. Then learn how to get practical discussions going to focus on solutions. (Half-day) READ MORE

I4: How To Facilitate A “Revitalise Your Safety Observation System” Workshop

An effective SOS prevents many accidents. This workshop explains why an SOS deteriorates over time and then shows you in detail how to conduct 90-minute sessions with your people to get them on track with stopping and responding appropriately. (Half-day) READ MORE

I5: Safety Leadership. Straightforward ways to help and encourage your people to work even more safely

You’ll leave this straightforward, no-theory workshop knowing that you’re already doing many of the things a safety leader should. You’ll also realise the many additional things you could be doing – and they don’t take vast expense or time. (Half-day) READ MORE

I5: Meeting our challenges! A day for HSE Advisers And Managers

This is a day for HSE colleagues from different organisations to reflect on the challenges facing them in today’s industrial and commercial world and how to meet them. A pre-workshop survey collects participants’ challenges and a facilitated discussion will generate clarity for the way forward and hopefully, new ideas. (One day)READ MORE

I6: How to run short behavioural safety sessions at project start-up meetings.

Start-up meetings are ideal opportunities to get safe behaviour messages across. Learn two practical methods using simple case studies to generate lively discussion and learning – with groups from 20 – 120. (Half-day) READ MORE

I7: Embedding behavioural safety into the organisation’s culture

Exposing people to a workshop on behavioural safety is a good start. But humans forget – they need constant reminding and new people join. Learn what has to be done to embed behavioural safety into the organisation – so people never forget! (Half-day) READ MORE

I8: Making inductions into more effective tools

The induction will probably be the first message new people get about your organisation’s commitment to safety. Unfortunately, many inductions are poor – we can do much better to help people work more safely. Learn what has to be done to improve the induction where you work. (Half-day) READ MORE

I9: 10 Pillars for an Excellent Safety Performance

The 10 pillars are the solid supports that maintain the high ceiling of a brilliant safety record. Pillars need building initially and then need to be maintained – we can’t just build them and leave them be. Find out how to examine the state of the 10 pillars in your organisation and how to maintain them. (One day) READ MORE

I10: How to fix low morale

You already know that low morale can adversely affect productivity and safety, but what can you do to fix it? Find out how to identify the real causes of low morale and how to facilitate the open and productive discussions which give solutions. (Half-day) READ MORE

I11: How to facilitate your own human error reduction workshop

We are human, we will make mistakes – so learn how to facilitate a 3-hour workshop using simple case studies to help your people keep human error to a minimum. Investment in this workshop will save human pain and perhaps millions of £ or $. (One day) READ MORE

I12: Practical and thorough accident investigation

This 1-day practical workshop cuts through the legalities and theory and concentrates on interview skills and causal analysis. Practical examples and a simulated investigation including interviews will help you apply what you learn. (One day) READ MORE

I13: How to earn £159,392 a year as a one-person, home-based consultant – starting from scratch

BEWARE! Are you really ready to make a success of consultancy? Do you really understand the challenges ahead and how to overcome them? In this tough-talking workshop Dr Bill will share his 16 years of successful experience – mistakes and all. You’ll learn exactly what you must do to succeed and the many traps to avoid. But are you sure you want this? (One day) READ MORE

I14: Preventing Stress Problems from Damaging You, People and your Organisation

Stress management workshops are a sign of failure!If we have to offer our people stress management workshops or counselling, don’t you agree that we have allowed things to get to such a state that we need to do something to prevent disaster? READ MORE

I15: How to Lead for Even Better Safety

After this workshop you will know the eighteen things you MUST do to be a brilliant leader, see the seven behaviours you may be exhibiting unconciously that inhibit the safe behaviour of others, understand the six main behavioural traps and learn a range of practical low-cost things you could do as a leader to encourage your colleagues to work even more safely. READ MORE

I16: Making Inductions, Safety Observation Systems and Safety Culture Checks More Effective

We talk a lot about great “safety culture” but what does that really mean and how do we achieve it? This workshop will focus on ways to improve inductions, how to make your safety observation system more effective and how employees at all levels can contribute. You will also learn a straightforward, non-bureaucratic way to monitor the state of your safety culture. READ MORE