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Videos On Demand

Time and limited budgets often prevent us attending seminars to advance our knowledge and skills. Our videos-on-demand are the solution!

World class knowledge based on 20-years’ experience, presented succinctly and in plain English! No waffle – just straightforward practical suggestions to help you improve your performance and that of your team.


1. If you are purchasing as an individual you can view the video for a full 30 days. This means you can stop and come back, or view the video several times.

When you click the play button you will be taken to “Cleeng” to order. This is the company that securely handles all our payments. In order to pay, you can log in with your email and will be asked for a password. Remember the password as you will need it when you come back to view again. You will receive an email receipt. On acceptance of payment you’ll come back to Safety Improvers to watch your chosen video. Happy viewing, and as always your feedback is most welcome.

2. All videos are available for an organisational licence to be uploaded to your learning management system. Please emails for details –


Video 1. What is Behavioural Safety? A Seminar for Operational Managers (£47.57)

This 25-minute seminar is ideal for senior managers such as operations directors, fleet managers and project managers. You will know exactly what behavioural safety is. More importantly, you will learn two simple but powerful techniques for helping your people to gain the best behaviours for safety. Dr Bill will share with you the five behavioural traps – one or more of which are involved in every incident. The seminar ends with a straightforward explanation of what you should and should not do as a senior manager.

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Video 2. Safety Leadership. Building on the 18 traits of a brilliant leader to improve safety (£47.57)

(In production)

In this seminar there are no theories or models or “beating about the bush”!

Dr Bill will show you how you are ALREADY apply many of the 18 traits. You will gain deeper insights into how to apply the practical psychology of human motivation to help employees’ do what we are asking them to do for safety. Since 1995, Dr Bill has been advising colleagues on how to enhance their leadership skills and has condensed the “wisdom” into this two-hour seminar. You will gain at least 18 practical, no-cost, easy-to-apply things you can do every day to not only improve safety – but also productivity.