Safety Briefing
1. Behavioural Safety Workshops
2. An Even Better Safety Culture
3. Safety Risk Tolerance Survey and Workshop
4. So You Think You're a Brilliant Safety Leader?
5. Safety in the Office System
6. Re-energise your Safety Observation System (S.O.S)
7. Reducing Human Error Shutdowns Workshops
8. How to facilitate your own behavioural safety workshops
9. How to Facilitate Your Own one-day Even Better Safety Culture Workshops
10. How to Facilitate your own Safety Risk Tolerance Workshops
11. How to Facilitate Your Own Reducing Human Error Shutdowns Workshops
12. Becoming an even better HSE Adviser
13. Becoming a Brilliant Safety Representative
14. Brilliant Risk Assessments
15. Brilliant Accident Investigations

Safety Briefing

How to Facilitate your own Safety Risk Tolerance Workshops

Helping HSE advisers and managers gain maximum value from the Profit Improvers' Safety Risk Tolerance Survey.

Once people have completed the Safety Risk Tolerance Survey they will have thought carefully about 15 unsafe scenarios and what to do about them.

Just completing the survey will be enough for some people to change their thinking and hence behaviours.

However, people will get even more value and behaviour change if they work through each of the 15 scenarios in a small group with a facilitator. The arguments that arise and the multitude of variations in people's thinking bring out many additional lessons.

About 20% of people score low (40/60) on the risk tolerance survey. For these people the discussion is even more valuable and most change their perspective (improve) once the discussions have taken place.

Managers and HSE Advisers can greatly assist their people and enhance the safety culture by facilitating these half-day sessions themselves.

Dr Bill Robb of Profit Improvers will show in detail how to facilitate these half-day events.

Here's the schedule:

  1. How can safety risk tolerance surveys help people work even more safely?
  2. The dangers of risk tolerance surveys and how to avoid them.
  3. Step-by-step analysis of the four options to each of the 15 scenarios and the detailed safety lessons they reveal.
  4. The finer points of facilitation to bring out all the lessons.
  5. How to conduct the 10-minute one-to-one interviews after the half-day session.

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