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What do you think? – Do the Safety Improvers poll

Have a bit fun with our quick safety poll. Once you make your selection you’ll see how others have chosen. Each poll will have an educational element so use them in safety meetings and toolbox talks. We’ll change the poll on the first of each month so come back and try the next one.

Your 74-year old mother-in-law is staying with you and your family for two months. She is a very nice person but can be a bit temperamental. She is in the kitchen cutting some carrots to make soup. You notice that she is cutting the carrots in half, length-wise and then is trying to cut them into quarters length-wise. However, she has the half carrots not on the flat side but on the round side and as she is cutting they are wobbling. You are worried she may cut herself. What should you do?

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Use the quiz format to make safety meetings and training more enjoyable.

People love quizzes – it’s a bit of fun and it gets people thinking and “arguing”. If you use this pol in a safety meeting, DON’T worry about the right answer. Of course, getting the right answer is ideal but it’s the learning you want and that happens when people disagree and wrestle with the various options.

Contact us to find out more about our Risk Tolerance Survey and workshops. We have one for operations on platforms and one for those working in offices. Soon we’ll have quizzes for drilling operations and ship-based personnel.