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Behavioural Safety DVD’s

Give your people, visitors and contractors training in the powerful behavioural safety tools developed over 13 years by a world expert – when and where it suits them!

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safety dvds

As managers and safety advisers we have put so much effort into safety so why do we still have some people:

  • having slips, trips and falls
  • choosing not to follow procedures
  • ignoring their training and/or commonsense
  • deciding the PPE isn’t necessary in some cases
  • using equipment incorrectly?

Why do people not follow procedures and how can we get them TO DO SO?

Why do people not wear the PPE provided and how can we get them TO DO SO?

Why do people ignore training and commonsense and how can we get them to USE WHAT THEY KNOW?

We often forget – we are human! To get even better at safety we have to show people how to overcome the six behavioural traps – aspects of human nature that hurt us. Watch the short sample DVD.

Imagine having a behavioural safety expert on hand 24/7 and flexible enough to teach from 1 to 60 people! Now you can.

The sample clips from each of DVD show the informal, chatty style. This allows people to relax and question their own attitudes. There are NO graphs, statistics or complex models and you can use the DVDs in inductions, safety meetings, training courses and OIMs’, captains’ and site managers’ introductory talks. Here’s what each DVD contains:

DVD I (19min 25sec) explains how people must, and can, develop hyper-awareness and see potential accidents BEFORE they happen.

DVD II (15min 36sec) shows how our own human fears can hurt us by stopping us doing what we KNOW we should do, and how to overcome the fears to create a brilliant safety culture.

DVD III (14min 46sec) helps people to see how what they say, how they say it and EVEN SUBTLE body language puts unintentional pressure on others.

DVD IV (19min 44sec) teaches people to train the their SECOND MIND® (subconscious) so as to concentrate better and stay focused.

DVD V (12min 52sec) exposes the mental excuses we use: a) when we don’t want to do something we should and b) when we want to do something we know we shouldn’t!

Each DVD stands alone and can be used as an add-on to existing meetings, presentations and inductions. They can also be used one after the other to build up a full behavioural safety workshop.

Each DVD comes with a helpful and clear “Facilitator’s Guide” with a list of questions that supervisors, safety advisors and managers can use to generate discussion. The secret in getting people to change is to help them question their own thinking and behaviour.

safety dvds

Great value yet cost-effective.

When it comes to improving safety no one quibbles about costs. However, you still want to be sure you’re getting maximum value for your safety budget. Here’s how the five DVDs will add value.

  1. The knowledge and tools are right at the forefront of behavioural safety – some of the material isn’t even written up in the books yet.
  2. Ultimate flexibility and convenience – use the DVDs one at a time or mix ‘n match in inductions, training courses, meetings, presentations, andtoolbox talks.
  3. Money savings running into thousands because the DVDs are licensed to your site for a lifetime. This means that you’ll avoid the costs of frequent visits by consultants – that’s me out of a job I guess!
  • When you do classroom workshops with a facilitator you catch only 80% of the people because of crew changes and absence. The DVDs enable you to catch the other 20%.
  • During a year your installation, site or vessel will have many vendor visits, short-term contractors and new personnel joining. It’s just not practical or cost-effective for a face-to-face session each time, so the DVDs will do the job.
  • Please see our facilitators guide.

    For more information about the licence fee please contact Dr Bill on: Please call Dr Bill Robb for more details or +44 0773 857 1945