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Mission – Behavioural Safety without the “Guru-Speak”

Reach zero incidents and accidents and STAY there longer, by making simple improvements to existing safety systems and by involving people in practical yet powerful behavioural safety workshops.

Working hard is good but work smart is better

Most people try hard for safety and know the right things to do. Therefore, lectures and shock tactics are not effective. Based on hard-won, real-life experience, we expose people to scenarios and case studies that make them think about their own behaviours. When you debate and think enough, you are confronted with your own resistance to doing what is right. This helps people change for the long term.

At Safety Improvers there is NO “guru-speak”. We have tools proven to be successful over the past fifteen years but we take the time to adapt them to your industry, your organisation and your people. We also make our sessions enjoyable – with hardly any slides!

For senior managers we give insights that go a bit deeper and explain the rationale behind behavioural safety.

The tools

At this website you’ll find a range of specific tools. However, they all fall under one of three headings:

  • Systems – we help you ensure that your permit to work,  risk assessment and safety observations systems, for example, are working well.
  • Culture – we show people how to reduce the fear factor and have constructive safety conversations – this alone gives tremendous gains in safety behaviours
  • People – we have several ways of showing people how to avoid the six behavioural traps – from an intensive 4-hour workshop toa  90 – minute start-up meeting sessions and 45- minute talks for senior managers.

Dr Bill Robb

Since 1995, using simple psychological approaches, Dr Bill has developed, perhaps more than any other individual or organisation, a range of innovative and unique practical behavioural safety tools that get to the heart of the matter. He devised the Behavioural Safety Workshop. In four hours this helps people become more aware, reduce unintentional pressure and fight the fear factor. He developed the Second Mind® technique for helping people to concentrate better at the worksite. He also thought out The Safety Risk Tolerance Survey that helps people assess whether or not their attitude to safety is likely to hurt them. Dr Bill founded and edits the free e-newsletter. Sign up at

Bill particularly enjoys working with senior management teams to help them clarify their safety strategy and build safety into the business plan. He also enjoys the high-level debates with senior colleagues during which they come to realise what a powerful impact their behaviours can have on improving the safety culture in their organisations.

Installations and sites worked on


    • Harding
    • Bruce
    • Magnus
    • Miller
    • Schiehallion
    • Forties Alpha
    • Forties Bravo
    • Forties Charlie
    • Forties Delta
    • Montrose
    • Arbroath
    • Andrew
    • Sullom Voe
    • Wytch Farm
    • Dimlington
    • Seismic vessels of contractors


    • Piper B
    • Tartan
    • Claymore
    • Saltire
    • Flotta
    • Clyde


    • Viking
    • LOGGS
    • Murdoch
    • Britannia
    • Judy
    • Threddlethorpe


    • Brent Alpha
    • Brent Bravo
    • Brent Charlie
    • Brent Delta
    • Halley
    • Mossmoran
    • St Fergus

    Amerada Hess

    • Scott


    • Thistle

    Drilling rigs/ships

    • Awilco Wilphoenix
    • Ocean Princess
    • Santa Fe 135
    • Global Santa Fe Dada Gorgud
    • Noble Julie Robertson
    • Noble Al White
    • Noble Ton van Langevelt
    • Ensco 92
    • Ensco 80
    • Ensco 100
    • Ensco 102
    • Smedvig West Alpha
    • Smedvig West Navion
    • Dolphin Borgny
    • Dolphin Borgston
    • Dolphin Bredford
    • Drill Star
    • Modec Kwame Nkrumah
    • Transocean J. W. McLean
    • Transocean Jack Ryan
    • Transocean 702
    • Transocean Mariana
    • Transocean Sedco Energy
    • Maersk Curlew
    • Maersk Giant
    • Maersk Innovator
    • Maesrk North Sea Producer
    • Maersk Janice
    • Rowan Gorilla V
    • Rowan Gorilla VII
    • Seadrill West Leo
    • Technip G1200

    Tullow Oil – Ghana

    • Accra
    • Takoradi Base
    • Contractor installations

    Seismic Companies

    • Seabird Exploration
    • WesternGeco
    • PGS
    • Fugro
    • MAGE
    • Gardline