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As a senior manager or HSE Manager you’re doing everything you know to help your people behave in ways that promote even more safe working. As a Safety Officer / Adviser at the “coalface” you want ideas and activities to engage the people at your worksite. The behavioural safety approach of Safety Improvers has just what you need.

I bet you sometimes wonder, “what more can we do?”

  • We have tons of procedures but sometimes people don’t follow them.
  • We have great PPE but sometimes people don’t wear it.
  • We give extensive training but sometimes people don’t act on what they’ve learned.
  • We selected our people with care, but sometimes they don’t use their intelligence or common sense.

Here’s where our down-to-earth behavioural approach helps

And it’s simpler, less bureaucratic, less time-consuming and more enjoyable than you might think. Have a look at our range of practical behavioural safety  workshops and ways of improving your existing systems. We steer clear of  safety “gobbledygook” and complex “models” and use plain English to explain simple human behaviours that help!

Thank goodness – no “new initiatives” Behavioural safety does NOT require new intiatives. We support your existing policies and efforts. We take time to understand your business, your people and particular challenges. We’ll always give you our honest and straightforward opinion. We can work onshore, offshore, on worksites, factories and ships. The testimonials show why our clients ask us back year after year – since 1995.

Call anytime on 07738 571945 or email  – no obligation whatsoever. Also, take advantage of the free Safety Briefings – they will give you a deeper insight into just what behavioural safety is – AND you can use them right now in safety meetings and toolbox talks.